Al-Amin Enterprise have established from 2006. We started with steel scrap business and from 2009 we have started in ship breaking field along with Stainless Steel. Then we have started import businss of Stainless Steel, Sheet, Plate, Pipe and Round Shaft. During 2009 to 2012 we established import business of Steel & Stainless steel with Germany, Belgium, France & Ukrane. Then we have connected with Canada in 2013 and China in 2014. Then we have started import export business of Steel & Stainless Steel products with China and South Korea in 2016. Finaly in 2018 we have established our Export Import Business of Steel & Stainless steel products with JAPAN.


At the long range of time now we import Steel & Stainless Steel products from Germany, Belgium, France, Ukrane, Canada, China, Taiwan, South Korea & Japan. Our export items are Zinc Scrap (Ship Breaking), Zinc Dross, Stainless Steel Scrap, Mill Scale, Scrap Brass (Ship Breaking).


We have expanded our capacity, developed a skilled management team, workforce, and integrated sophisticated technologies in order to become globally competitive. Our painstaking efforts to re-engineer each step of production process & planning, workforce productivity & efficiency have paid off.

Massage From The President
Syed Mohammed Khurshed Alam
Syed Mohammed Khurshed Alam

Honesty is the best policy. Since 12 years, I am doing business honestly. I have tried my best service to our customer and clients.

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